How to be admitted as a medical doctor in Germany after your university studies?

To work as a medical doctor in Germany coming from a non-EU country you will need a so-called approbation which is provided by the authorities. They basically check whether your diploma in medicine corresponds to the same level of studies in Germany.
Hereafter we present our services in a four-step procedure which finally will support you in getting a well-paid job as a medical doctor in Germany.


Initial Consultation

In a first consultation we check your background, evaluate your potential perspectives in Germany and whether those meet your objectives.



In case we can determine in the initial consultation that you should fulfil the necessary preconditions for the approbation procedure, we help you to review and translate the documents which have to be submitted to the relevant German authorities.


Application for the approbation

Now we officially will apply for you to the relevant German authorities for approbation.


Arranging an employment

After your received approbation in Germany we support you in finding employment taking into consideration your personal preferences.

We help you to establish your own cabinet in Germany

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You would like to establish a GP or as specialized medical doctor your own cabinet in Germany? To be honest, it will not be so easy, as you have to fulfill a number of administrative and financial conditions. But be assured that your dream of an own cabinet in Germany could become reality with a strong partner such as Euro Doctors.

Opinions form Clients

  • The team was very forthcoming and helpful. They managed to get me an employment in a hospital in Dresden. Thus, I can only recommend Euro Doctors.

    Karolina L.
  • Personally, I am very grateful that there is somebody who arranges everything. The completion of the approbation procedure and my establishment in Germany was much faster than I initially thought.

    Ivan M.
  • My first attempt to get the approbation in Germany failed. Then I joined Euro Doctors and I had immediately success.

    Milica S.

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